About Diventare Creative

The word Diventare has a special meaning to me. I grew up watching my Italian grandparents nurture, maintain and love a small garden in which they produced many tasty dishes for our family. The word “Diventare” translated to English is a verb meaning “to become, to grow (into), to turn into”. This is exactly what I envision the work I create for my clients to do for them; to grow and prosper, just like that tiny garden in New Jersey. 

Andrew DeSumma, Owner

We are a visual design company specializing in graphic design, web development, branding and identity. Our mission is to listen to our customers’ needs and develop a strategy that best suits them. By taking the time to listen to our clients and become a part of their company, we can customize a plan that transforms their identity and services into printed and online formats.

Diventare Creative specializes in graphic design of all sorts from booklets and brochures, to banners and signage. We research our clients to strategically develop products that best reflect their image and shine a positive and professional light to their customers. We can handle projects big or small; websites are built from scratch and printed pieces are designed with great thought and care. We maintain a high level of customer service and respect the relationships we create with our clients.